[jokosher-devel] Crashing jokosher

Hi folks,

If anyone can reproduce the following it would be appreciated. Its been reported by one of the reviewers for the Fedora Extras submission for Jokosher 0.1 that the following is occuring but I cant see it for the life of me.

1) Start "jokosher"
2) Enter "Preferences".
3) Click "Close".
4) Click "Create a new project".

Starting up
GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.threads_init is deprecated, use gtk.gdk.threads_init
6783: assertion failed "allocator->lock == mutex" file "dbus-dataslot.c" line 82
function _dbus_data_slot_allocator_alloc

If anyone can reproduce and shed some light on this it would be great as its one of the last few things outstanding before it gets considered for acceptance it would seem. I'm guessing its a py-dbus issue...?


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