Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

El jue, 11-04-2002 a las 15:19, Tuomas Kuosmanen escribió:
    On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 14:22, José Rodríguez Ruibal wrote:
        Yes, this idea please me a lot, but I think this database should be
        upgraded, just because we are more and more now, and this is not
    Yeah, that is a very old thing. We could just do our own and announce it
    in gnotices. The tricky part is finding out your coordinates though. I
    guess there might be some databases of city names -> coordinates

If I remember well, on the NASA webpages there is a link for cities
coords. If you want some to start, Madrid (Spain) is:
40 degrees 23 minutes N
3 degrees 42 minutes O

At least, Rodrigo and me are right now there. :P
        P.D.- I'm sorry, tigert, I copied your signature? was it Open
        source? :P
    Hahaha ;-) 

I'm sorry, but I'll go back on my plain text signature.
    It's fine if you want to use it.

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