Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

El mié, 10-04-2002 a las 16:17, Mikael Hallendal escribió:
ons 2002-04-10 klockan 14.54 skrev José Rodríguez Ruibal:
> El mié, 10-04-2002 a las 14:26, Glynn Foster escribió:
> I agree with Antonio: USA is not the only option "against" Europe. In
> fact,
> this Conference was born for european people, and know it's full
> international.
> The world is big enough to find a place, don't you think so? And, in
> another
> point of view, if the money is in USA, maybe USA people should move and
> let
> the poor rest of the world citizens like me other choices.
> :P

I think the most important thing to think of when deciding where it
should be is, how to we get as many developers there as possible with
the travel budget.
Yes, you're right. If we can estimate right now how many people will come next
year and from where, we could decide the best place to do next Guadec, don't
you think so?
For example if we placed the conference in China the cost to get all
developers (which are mainly based in US and Europe) would be huge,
while if we put it in US or Europe the cost of getting all developers
there will be much less.
Completely with you. Can anyone prepare a list or estimate how many Gnome-related
people is in their contry interested in Guadec conference?

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