GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

Hey there,
A number of us were talking about GU4DEC and the realization that we
really need to get discussing next years conference early. Jeff came up
with the idea of forming a GUADEC committee *now* comprised of people
both in the location that we eventually choose and other GNOMies that
have had experience with organizing other conferences and others who
just want to help out...

So I guess it would be good to discuss the following - 
	- Who wants to be on next years committee
	- Decided on next years location
	- Invite people from that location to be on the committee
	- Start organizing exact venues, travel costs, sponsorship etc..
	- All the other behind the scenes stuff that I have no clue 

Should we use this list as a committee list / general discussion or
create a new one [1]

Anyway...I guess I'm just trying to stir stuff up so that GUADEC is even
more kick ass than previous years...

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)
[1] ugh, another list.

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