Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

El mié, 10-04-2002 a las 14:26, Glynn Foster escribió:
> 1) Switch between US and Europe every other year

Actually, I think I agree with this too. If we are really serious about
trying to make money from developer tutorials for a couple of days
before the conference then I think holding it in Europe might not help
this very much - I figure the target audience for this type of thing is
definitely in the US.
If international companies, such IBM, HP, Sun, and so on, want to bring money,
the conference place should not be a problem. If you've got contacts on
companies that could donate, go on! If they are serious, "where" would not be
the question they'll ask you. The question will be "what"...  :)
I know Sun organizes this sort of stuff regularly so I'm gonna have a
root around and see if I can pick up any useful information from this
Sun has enough money to do it everywhere. In fact, I think that the main
part of GNOME developers at Sun is based at India, isn't it?

In fact, Sun dows this everywhere around in the world, as other big companies
do. Please, don't forget what international means.

I agree with Antonio: USA is not the only option "against" Europe. In fact,
this Conference was born for european people, and know it's full international.

The world is big enough to find a place, don't you think so? And, in another
point of view, if the money is in USA, maybe USA people should move and let
the poor rest of the world citizens like me other choices.

Best regards,

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