Re: [gtkmm] porting projects from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm2

> >I suspect you were really thinking "We feel like updating to a newer API
> >so let's choose which new API to use.". That suggests that you were
> >ready to do some work anyway.
> >  
> >
> That's completely unfair. On the one hand, I said I was forced to change 
> because we had some problems with the antialiasing fonts. We had to move 
> porting, and eventually you know you are being pushed to, at the risk of 
> being regarded as an obsolete developer in case you want to ask for a 
> silly question.

I think I and other people who know more about gtkmm will answer questions about gtkmm-1.2 if we know the answer. The standard comment "upgrade to gtkmm-2.0" only comes up because gtkmm-2.0 is so much better and you should use that if you can. As gnome2 are becoming the default desktop in most recent linux distributions most projects will be forced to upgrade anyway. It's probably easier to port a c++ program than a c program.

However, what I don't want to occupy my time with is helping people working around bugs or limitations in gtk+/gtkmm-1.2. I think this is what it is all about.

Just my two cents...

Daniel Sundberg (written in gtkmm-2.0)

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