Re: [gtkmm] porting projects from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm2

My own experience is that I almost had to rewrite everything from scratch. My application was heavy reliant on Gtk::CList which doesn't exist anymore, for example. To mimic all the things I had done in CList with TreeView was a headache after another. Also all the fonts management changed radically. I began to port module by module, until I realized that I should better begin from scratch, reusing some of my old code here and there, but thinking on the new platform from ground zero. Well, that's my case, I think in other cases it could be far more easier, naturally.


Vishal Modak wrote:

hi !!

Yes..I aware that gtkmm-1.2 is a very obsolete version..Infact i
really like gtkmm2..I did use it..for a while

In the project that i am working on we have used gtkmm-1.2..I want
to know how much would it affect changing to gtkmm2..
Because we have done considerable development..We have not been
able handle the saving images in EPS format ..that is what i am

if we change to gtkmm2..would we have to write to the whole code
which is not viable option..

If there is any way by which existing code can be converted to would be really helpfull..?

what are your views regarding this..?

Is there any other way to solve this problem...?

I welcome any suggestions from your part..

thanks for help

Vishal Modak

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