Re: [gtkmm] porting projects from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm2

Murray Cumming wrote:

I think it's fairly well understood that gtkmm 1.2 and gtkmm2 are
different, independent, but similar, APIs.

Clearly it was not that well understood. It's obvious that people tend to think those are two versions of the same product, and expect to upgrade from one version to the next without big problems. So it is good to put it clear, and correct me if I'm wrong: you seem to imply that 1.2 and 2.0 are different implementations of a C++ UI toolkit, and noone should expect them to be compatible. The term "porting" is in fact moving from one product to a different one. There was not API breakage neither unstability, because they are not the same product. Finally, you seem unwilling to accept comments from people who do not develop inside gtkmm or donate money for those who do. The philosophy seems to be "do it yourself, pay, or shut up". I think noone of us is critizising the way you did things, nor implying we could just do it better than you, we're just trying to clarify things for those who will face the same problems we faced before. I, for myself, have no active participation on gtkmm because I work full time for a company (can't develop for another project) and I live in the third world (can't donate significant money). I expect to help others with my experience, though. We're not attacking you, so do not be defensive. All of us stated our admiration for this work, and we all want this project to have the best future.

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