Re: [gtkmm] porting projects from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm2

Murray Cumming wrote:

That doesn't make much sense to me. If you wanted API stability then you
could just stay with API-stable gtkmm 1.2. Nothing forces you to use
gtkmm 2. I can't see why the existence of gtkmm2 would make you want to
stop using gtkmm 1.2.

I suspect you were really thinking "We feel like updating to a newer API
so let's choose which new API to use.". That suggests that you were
ready to do some work anyway.

That's completely unfair. On the one hand, I said I was forced to change because we had some problems with the antialiasing fonts. We had to move on to a platform where such feature was supported, and the natural choice was of course the next version of gtk. On other other hand, countless times I have seen in this list "listen boy, while you are using gtkmm 1.2, do not expect any help from this list. That's obsolete." In fact, Vishal began this thread when he was faced with an answer more or less on those terms. Hence what forces people to stop using gtkmm 1.2, not "we feel like updating things". It has no importance if you want to stick to the stable API envirornment. Perhaps most of the people who use gtkmm work in small projects, I don't know. To port a relatively large project from 1.2 to 2.0 is not add two and two, and the more you stick with 1.2, the more it will cost the porting, and eventually you know you are being pushed to, at the risk of being regarded as an obsolete developer in case you want to ask for a silly question.

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