[gtkmm] widget advice

hello all,
i'm writing to solicit advice on which widget to use for an application that i have to port from an older widget set to gtkmm-2.0. its probably worth mentioning that my job here is not to 'improve' the current interface, merely to replicate it, for better or worse. the display consists of around twenty rows in six columns. the user will click on the different cells of each row to initiate different actions. i need to be able to hilight individual cells as they are clicked on, without the whole row being highlighted, and call a function of a model object associated with the view object for that cell. i had intended to use the TreeView widget, which offers a lot of nice features 'for free', such as rearranging the order of columns. a couple of days ago, Daniel Elstner pointed out that cell-based interaction was perhaps an abuse of TreeView:

Daniel Elstner wrote:

   Ahh.  What you are trying to do is using TreeView as a spreedsheet.
   But the problem is, it's simply not a spreedsheet.  A sign of that is
   that signal_activate() works with rows, not cells.

which has made me wonder if i should try a different approach. the three alternatives i've come up with thus far are:

a. use TreeView, hack it to behave as i need
b. use one TreeView for column, tie their scrolling together
c. find some other, more appripriate widget.

i don't see any likely candidates for option c from amongst the widgets documented at http://www.gtkmm.org/gtkmm2/docs/reference/html/group__Widgets.html. any suggestions would be greatfully accepted.


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