Re: table layout

gtkperl ghost anime pl said:
 It's called PAR, and is very usefull for exactly the purposes you
describe. Howether it doesen't work with Gtk ( supposedly because Gtk
assumes lots of things, particularily it insists on being installed
everywhere ).

Actually, PAR *does* work with Gtk2, just not on Win32.

The trick is to include Gtk2, but not libgtk itself, in the archive.  On
linux, you can expect gtk+ to be installed; on win32, there's some DLL
initialization problem that causes the type system not to work.

  If you need portable binary(ie, one for Win32, another for linux, yet
another for BSDs..), perl+PAR+Tk works great ( but looks so-so, and is
not very pleasent to program for ).

One reasons Tk works easily for PAR is that Tk is a self-contained perl
extension.  That is, the Tk perl extension includes its own copy of the Tk
widget set source code.

Gtk2 links against an existing external library, which trades practical
complications for reduced size and increased modularity.  Besides, gtk+ isn't
very fun to build --- imagine how many people would be using Gtk2-Perl if we
made them build a private gtk+ as part of the installation.  :-)

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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