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Beast wrote:

Vincent LADEUIL wrote:

All  in all,  in  the last  year  I solve  nearly  all my  layout
problems with  glade-only solutions  (the glade files  amount for
around 10.000 lines in my current project).

Seriously, is there any seriuos project written using gtk-perl? I
found very little number of projects in SF or freshmeat, most of them
are in alpha stage or left unmaintained.

Don't know about sourceforge projects, but I'm certainly putting
gtk2-perl to as much use as I possibly can.
I've got 2 gtk2-perl projects, details at: and I'm using these
libraries heavily at work and also in some other commerical projects
I've picked up along the way. I just completed a rollout for my 1st
customer last Sunday - they're very happy with it. They've got it
running under Citrix ... not my cup of tea ... but it works.

As for other projects, the 1st one that took my eye was dvd::rip, which
is gtk1, but still rocks.

I honestly don't know why there aren't more projects though. Perl just
seems like the perfect language, gtk2 the best toolkit ( I won't say
perfect here ), and the gtk2-perl bindings are excellent. I suppose most
Linux users up until this point have been C coders and have a thing
against writing serious apps in Perl. Their loss ...

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