Re: table layout

Daniel Kasak wrote:
Beast wrote:
Seriously, is there any seriuos project written using gtk-perl? I
found very little number of projects in SF or freshmeat, most of them
are in alpha stage or left unmaintained.
I honestly don't know why there aren't more projects though. Perl just
seems like the perfect language, gtk2 the best toolkit ( I won't say
perfect here ), and the gtk2-perl bindings are excellent. ...

IME, delivery of any Perl _application_ is a showstopper. Anything robust enough to be used by 'normal' users (rather than developers or sysadmins) invariably has a number of dependencies, often needs some XS glue to some other library, etc. Gtk & a GUI layer only compound the problem.

Lyricue looks sweet, but it would probably take me several hours of work, and some serious Perl/system knowledge to get all the dependencies installed and get the app working. If I want to install it on another system, I start over again from scratch.

This isn't nearly such problem for 'internal' applications, to be used by developers, or where wizardly installation support is available, and I think that's where Gtk2-Perl is most successful.

It would be extremely helpful if Perl had some way to bundle up _everything_ needed for an app, extract & configure it in some temp dir, point PERL5LIB to it and run right from there. Likely, knowing Perl hackers, someone already has that working, I just don't know about it!


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