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zentara said:
justin+gnome said:

If I understand the documentation correctly, one should be able to disable
the keyboard accelerator for a widget by connecting to the
can_activate_accel signal and returning false. This isn't working for me,

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or is there a bug in
gtk/gtk-perl? Example program below... using gtk 2.4.9 and gtk-perl 1.092,
typing a "b" in the text entry will click the button despite the
can_activate_accel handler.

Incidentally, i see the same thing with gtk+ 2.7.x.

Hi, this is how I got it working, however, I'm just learning myself. There
probably is a more elegant solution.

[ disable accelerator in entry's enter-notify ]
[ enable accelerator in entry's leave-notify ]

That assumes you're using the mouse, and will fail if you drive with the
keyboard.  Would be better to use "focus-in-event" and "focus-out-event". 
But, your suspicion is correct, it's just a kludge.

The can-activate-accel trick *should* be working, e.g.,

  $button->signal_connect (can_activate_accel => sub {
        # inhibit the accel by returning TRUE.
        # the signal uses the same boolean-handled-accumulator
        # as events; so returning TRUE from the handler should
        # cause $button->can_activate_accel(...) to return FALSE.
        # don't allow the accelerator to activate if we're typing
        # in the entry.
        return ($window->get_focus == $entry);

but no matter how i do that, even just using "sub {return TRUE}",
$button->can_activate_accel($id) returns TRUE.  Even tried with a small C
program, and am confused by the results.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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