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It would be extremely helpful if Perl had some way to bundle up 
_everything_ needed for an app, extract & configure it in some temp dir, 
point PERL5LIB to it and run right from there.  Likely, knowing Perl 
hackers, someone already has that working, I just don't know about it!
 It's called PAR, and is very usefull for exactly the purposes you
describe. Howether it doesen't work with Gtk ( supposedly because Gtk
assumes lots of things, particularily it insists on being installed
everywhere ).

  If you need portable binary(ie, one for Win32, another for linux, yet
another for BSDs..), perl+PAR+Tk works great ( but looks so-so, and is
not very pleasent to program for ).

 I tried fixing PAR/Gtk2-perl, but although there are few fixable things(at
my skill level), at the end you end up with general Gtk's inability to
run in such environment. The issue is well known:(, and need some love from
Gtk developers.

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