Re: table layout

"Scott" == Scott Lanning <lannings who int> writes:

    >> To see what can be done, and how, I use to play with Glade
    >> gui-builder before starting coding.  (Actually, now I'm
    >> using GladeXML and I forgot about all this :-p)

    Scott> I've tried to get into Glade several times, but never
    Scott> stick with it.

Try again, harder, then :)

Keep  in mind  that  you can  force  a redisplay  of your  window
(search for it in the contextual menu for your top-level window),
that helps sometimes.

Also,  understand that  glade set  some values*  automatically to
what it thinks are the best, you may disagree with him.

All  in all,  in  the last  year  I solve  nearly  all my  layout
problems with  glade-only solutions  (the glade files  amount for
around 10.000 lines in my current project).


* especially regarding  the layout of the widgets  in the various
  containers (look at the packing tab).

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