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"Joe" == Joe Smith <jes martnet com> writes:

    Joe> Daniel Kasak wrote:
    >> Beast wrote:
    >> ...
    >>> Seriously, is there any seriuos project written using
    >>> gtk-perl? I found very little number of projects in SF or
    >>> freshmeat, most of them are in alpha stage or left
    >>> unmaintained.
    >> ...  I honestly don't know why there aren't more projects
    >> though. Perl just seems like the perfect language, gtk2
    >> the best toolkit ( I won't say perfect here ), and the
    >> gtk2-perl bindings are excellent. ...

    Joe>   IME,  delivery   of  any   Perl  _application_   is  a
    Joe>  showstopper.

Have you  guys decided  that I should  spend my day  writing soaps
about my current project  or what ?

Ok. Note that this is off-topic on this list.


My current project... bla bla bla.

And that was on Solaris. Then the client decided that he needed a
"small part" of it on windows.

Great, I thought to myself, here  I am trapped, how will I manage
to get  a perl interpreter  installed throughout the world  in so
many companies partnering with this big PABX supplier ?

Answer :

Module : PAR

Home Page:

Example: pp -o appli.exe

The  preceding  command   will  produce  an  executable  program,
embedding its own private  perl interpreter and all the necessary
modules (and yes XSs too).

At its first execution it will extract himself in a temporary directory.

The subsequent executions can reused that cached extraction.

Simple, efficient, magic :)


    Joe>  Anything robust  enough to  be used  by  'normal' users
    Joe> (rather  than developers or sysadmins)  invariably has a
    Joe> number of dependencies, often needs some XS glue to some
    Joe> other library, etc.  Gtk & a GUI layer only compound the
    Joe> problem.

Tk works like  a charm. I didn't have enough time  on my hands to
try gtk, but I will try  at the first occasion (before the end of
the year  with a  bit of  luck). And yes  I keep  muppet's remark
about gtk wanting to be installed at a fixed location in mind.

    Joe>  Lyricue looks  sweet,  but it  would  probably take  me
    Joe>  several hours  of  work, and  some serious  Perl/system
    Joe> knowledge to get  all the dependencies installed and get
    Joe> the  app working.   If I want  to install it  on another
    Joe> system, I start over again from scratch.

Boring isnt't it ? Oh, the joys of PAR :)

    Joe>   This  isn't   nearly  such   problem   for  'internal'
    Joe>  applications,  to  be  used  by  developers,  or  where
    Joe> wizardly installation support  is available, and I think
    Joe> that's where Gtk2-Perl is most successful.

Besides the afore-mentionned pp, PAR provide '.par' files similar
to '.jar' files in Java.

    Joe> It  would be extremely helpful  if Perl had  some way to
    Joe>  bundle up  _everything_ needed  for an  app,  extract &
    Joe> configure it in some  temp dir, point PERL5LIB to it and
    Joe>  run right  from there.   Likely, knowing  Perl hackers,
    Joe>  someone already  has that  working, I  just  don't know
    Joe> about it!

So why  didn't you search for it  ? google may be  a standard for
the rest, but for perl nothing can beat CPAN :)


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