Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails

On Jan 21, 2013, at 9:56 AM, Steffen Gutmann <muibase yahoo com> wrote:

>>> The biggest problem right now is that all text is invisible (see the bottom 
>> part in the other email).  With that problem persisting, I definitely need to 
>> switch to Leopard as the lowest version of OSX.  This might be a good idea 
>> anyway because of the cups problem, I was just trying to support the oldest OSX 
>> version that gtkosx according to the web page officially supports.  Maybe, it 
>> would be better to suggest Leopard as the lowest OSX version (with Tiger as an 
>> option if one wants to go through a bit more evolved building process and can 
>> live without printing support).
>> Ah, sorry, I stopped reading that message when the quoted text started back and 
>> didn't see the bit about the missing text.
>> You can rebuild with a lot less effort by saying
>> jhbuild build -f -a -c meta-gtk-osx-core
>> (-f = force, -a forces running autogen-sh, -c = clean)
> Nice.  I just did that but the "invisible text" problem stays the same.
>> That's really cool. It probably is white text on a white background. 
>> I'll ask about that on gtk-i18n, maybe Behdad will have an idea.
> It looks like white text on white bg but I don't think it is a forground/background color problem.  I played around with a GtkEntry, selected some text, and still, I can't see any text.  A better description is maybe that the font engine does not seem to know how to render text.

I noticed an error in the harfbuzz module yesterday that was causing it to build before glib. It has a soft dependency on glib, but not having it might cause trouble with pango (harfbuzz shapes the font, pango lays it out and displays it on a cairo surface). You may have picked up the change with your latest build: Check that "hb-glib.h" is in $PREFIX/include/harfbuzz.

I'm firing up a Tiger build on PPC to see if I can replicate the problem.

>> Why are you supporting Tiger on PPC but not even Leopard on i386?
> The ppc/i386 universal build for Tiger would support Leopard on i386. Or do I miss something here?  I was able to tun the Tiger build on Lion 64bit-intl, so my thinking was that it also should run on Leopard/i386.
> In the past I was able to build universal builds.  I know they are not really supported and require several changes.  I am restarting my gtk environment now for Leopard universal ppc/i386.  As a first step I was able to build for ppc only and the 10.5/10.5 SDK without any problems ("jhbuild bootstrap && jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap && jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-core" succeeds without any issues).  I am trying the universal build next.

Ah, I'd forgotten that you'd been doing universal builds.

John Ralls

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