Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails

> I looked on my Tiger boot disk and found cups-1.2.12.dmg, so that's 
> apparently both new enough and old enough. It's also available from 
>, as are source tarballs.
> Sorry that this is turning into a big PITA. How many users do you have who are 
> clinging to Tiger?

Honestly, I don't know.  I usually provide two binary .dmg files: one for ppc/i386 Tiger and one for 64 bit intel SnowLeopard.  The problem with cups is not such a big issue. In the past the Tiger version of my app came without printing support (but printing to ps/pdf is still supported even without cups).

The biggest problem right now is that all text is invisible (see the bottom part in the other email).  With that problem persisting, I definitely need to switch to Leopard as the lowest version of OSX.  This might be a good idea anyway because of the cups problem, I was just trying to support the oldest OSX version that gtkosx according to the web page officially supports.  Maybe, it would be better to suggest Leopard as the lowest OSX version (with Tiger as an option if one wants to go through a bit more evolved building process and can live without printing support).


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