Re: glib install problems


Anthony DiSante <orders nodivisions com> writes:

> > Most binary packages install themselves to the /usr prefix, while
> > source packages go to /usr/local. By not touching any files in the
> > /usr prefix you can be sure that all files there are handled by the
> > package manager. It's a simple rule that can be quite helpful.
> Good to know.  How much of a consistent rule is that?

It is consistent as long as you follow it. Of course if you already
fiddled with files in the /usr prefix, there is not much point to
start obeying it now. I for one did not touch anything in /usr for

> I never specify installation locations.  Apparently the default used
> to be /usr and now it's /usr/local.

The default for installations from source has always been /usr/local.
At least for packages using autoconf/automake. That's why I assume
that your libs in /usr are handled by a package management system such
as rpm or apt. And I suggest instead of compiling from source, you
simply update those packages.

> But if I now install 2.4.0 over top of the old stuff at /usr, isn't
> that going to break things?

gtk+-2.4, glib-2.4 and pango-1.4 are binary compatible with the
respective gtk+-2.2, glib-2.2 and pango-1.2 libraries, so nothing
should break after an update.


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