Re: glib install problems

Sven Neumann wrote:
As if the whole gtk/glib nightmare weren't confusing enough, glib-2.2
and glib-2.4 etc install themselves in directories named glib-2.0.
That could be your problem.

No, it isn't.

That's what prevented me from upgrading pango, so it could be true for the original poster as well.

Also, there isn't any gtk/glib nightmare, you are just clueless.

You're entitled to your opinion about gtk/glib.  I'm not clueless.

> Perhaps you want to make yourself familiar with the way the compiler
> and linker works or alternatively, stick to binary packages.

Perhaps you want to avoid making assumptions about people when you have no idea who they are nor what their experience is.

I'm going through the same upgrades (for gimp 2) that you are now.  I
apparently had glib-2.2.3 installed at /usr/lib/, and when I installed
2.4 it went to /usr/local/lib/.  So I deleted these (glib-2.3) files:


Deleting these files wasn't such a good idea. Who told you to do that?

No one told me to. The new glib got installed to /usr/local/lib/ so I figured these ones might correspond to the old version. And it solved the problem of pango not getting past configure.

In any case, I have backups of those files, which is how I'm able to run my email client right now. But since various configure scripts report it as a problem that there are multiple versions of glib installed, I figure I'll have to remove them in the end if/when I do get the new version of gtk installed.

That made the error message go away.  Of course, now none of my
programs will start (rox (file manager), gftp, thunderbird, etc),
and gtk+-2.4.0's make is dying with some obscure error, so my entire
system is borked.

Make sure that /usr/local/lib is in /etc/ (before /usr/lib)
and run ldconfig. That might fix it.

I did that long ago; it's what the error message suggests, after all. There hasn't been any /usr/lib in my /etc/ for some time.


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