Re: glib install problems


M Hoskison <matth room41 net> writes:

> Life is too short to become intimately familiar with how the
> compiler and linker work beyond what is required to successfully
> build the vast majority of applications. I shall reserve a place on
> my hard drive for Gimp2.1, and by that time hopefully its
> dependencies will actually compile.

Please note that gimp-2.0 does not depend on gtk+-2.4. So if I
understood you correctly, you already have all the dependencies in
place and shouldn't have to attempt to compile the dependencies from
source. That was my point in the first mail.  We aren't depending on
the very latest versions of gtk+ and friends. There are binary
packages for all dependencies of GIMP2. Noone should have to install
any of this stuff from source. There are also binary packages of GIMP2
listed at so you might not even have to compile
The GIMP to get it working.


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