Re: glib install problems


Anthony DiSante <orders nodivisions com> writes:

> No one told me to.  The new glib got installed to /usr/local/lib/ so
> I figured these ones might correspond to the old version.  And it
> solved the problem of pango not getting past configure.

Well, if you want to get rid of the glib-2.2 installation, then you
should remove _all_ files, not only the libraries. Keeping the header
files around may lead to some obscure problems later that are less
obvious to debug than wrong library versions. And even if you removed
the header files, there's more left like for example the files
installed for pkg-config.
> In any case, I have backups of those files, which is how I'm able to
> run my email client right now.  But since various configure scripts
> report it as a problem that there are multiple versions of glib
> installed, I figure I'll have to remove them in the end if/when I do
> get the new version of gtk installed.

Either you go for replacing the 2.2 versions which means you should
take care of uninstalling them completely. But I would not recommened
fiddling with any files in your /usr prefix. You can go for a parallel
installation instead and adapt your build environment so that the new
libraries and their header files are being used. To do that, you
environment variables. Since you said you aren't clueless, you should
be able to proceed from here...


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