Re: Indic script support in cross-compilation environment

On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 13:38 +0530, Harshvardhan Ketkar wrote:
> Thanks for the quick responses, all of you.
> The improper rendition of devanagari characters is not restricted to
> my application. Inside the cross-compiling environment, even when I
> try to type something on the console(or inside vim)in devanagari using
> an input method, or by setting the locale preferences, it doesn't
> work. Outside the environment, it works fine. 
> If I open the lookup table (the table inside the code that maps
> keypresses to devanagari characters) through vim inside the
> environment, the characters are not rendered, except two
> characters:  ि   and ा are rendered properly. 

It's expected that it's not working in the terminal.

Something wrong with your setup.  Try building it all on your system
instead of cross-compiling first...

> @Rahul:
> What problem in/etc/directfbrc are you hinting at? 
> Cheers,
> Harshvardhan

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