Indic script support in cross-compilation environment


I have compiled cairo and pango with X-libraries disabled and DirectFB enabled. I am using gtk+ with DirectFB. I want to enable devanagri fonts. I have written a look-up table, in which a certain keypress gives a devnagari character, and so on. However, when I type in the gtk+ text area in the application, I get boxes. Not the empty ones; they have four small symbols in them.

I copied the requisite devanagari fonts(Akshar.ttf,  samanata.ttf, AksharYogini.ttf, RKJanaHindi.TTF, kalimati.ttf, DVBOTSRN.ttf, chandas1-2.ttf, nakula.ttf, Gargi_1.7.ttf, sahadeva.ttf) into /usr/local/share/fonts and did a fc-cache. The problem still persists.  I think this should have sufficed. Is anything else needed?

Help, please.


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