Re: What about official GTK+ installer for win32?

On 2006-10-26, Jernej =?utf-7?Q?Simon+AQ0-i+AQ0-?= <jernej listsonly ena si> wrote:
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> On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:23:04 -0500, Michael Lawrence wrote:
>> This is one advantage of bundling GTK+- with packages. The package installers
>> can place the dlls in the same directory as the executable, which I think
>> trumps system32.
> Exactly. On Windows, DLL search order is working directory, application's
> (EXE file's) directory, Windows\System32, Windows, %PATH%.

Maybe a function can be written so that force gtk apps search the
register's gtk path first before load gtk dll? Then "good" gtk apps will
copy & paste the function into their win32 init segment...

Anyway, if only pango and locale stuff were not so bloated, it would be
ok to ship gtk lib with applications.

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