Re: What about official GTK+ installer for win32?

On Tue, Oct 24, 2006 at 10:41:09PM +0200, Tomasz Jankowski wrote:
> [...]
> Moreover, many applications, which use GTK+ and, which was ported on win32
> provides their own copy of GTK+ (Gaim, Workrave).
> I think, that it will be very good idea to create GTK+'s official installer
> for Windows (two versions: runtime and for developers). Such installer can
> be base on some open installer like .
> I can't make it because I don't know NSIS (I just started learning it), but
> it will be grate if someone will handle it.
> What do you think?

I has read also the mail from Tor Lillqvist.
My experience on Windows are small.

I hope that a stable GTK+ for Win32
make it possible to maintain an official installer for Windows.

Enhance the GTK+ support for Visual Studio
is also an importing point for me.
pkg-config is fine on Linux/Unix but not practical to work with VS.
On Linux/Windows I use MPC.
There is a small articel:
Sorry this is not translated to english in the moment.

An official GTK+ installer is a nice idea.
But it should contain the whole GTK+ family with glade, libglade,
libglademm and GTKmm.

To maintain such a project it need automated builds and testing.

Tor Lillqvist has written about the problems with differend version of
GTK+ on Win32. Could be the installation to differend directories and
a program loader a solution? The program loader set the enviroment
for the GTK+ program an start it.


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