Re: Gtk+ unit tests (brainstorming)


- homogeneous or consistent test output might be desirable in some contexts.

Yes, it is an important point when thinking about a continuous
integration tool for Gnome. If tests for all modules in Gnome agree on a
common output format, then that data can be collected, processed and
presented by a continuous integration tool like buildbot and would make
it easy to do cool things with those test results. In the build-brigade
we had also talked a bit on this subject.
While I agree that for gtk+, a lightweight unit test framework with limited dependencies makes sense, for gnome as a whole, at the Boston summit we proposed a test tinderbox system for Gnome based on dogtail/LDTP or a similar system, using AT-SPI as the framework. This would not only be able to test (and integration test) individual components and the Gnome stack, it would also allow automated testing of accessibility support and allow early detection of regressions in these areas (which have been major problems throughout the Gnome 2.X series).

See this thread:
regarding the creation of automation-list gnome org



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