Re: libglade frustration

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 14:44 -0800, wallace owen l-3com com wrote:
The users manual should be provided with every copy of a packaged
distribution.  The user's manual should provide sufficient instruction
on how to operate libglade.  If a developer finds himself needing to
refer to the source to run libglade, the user's manual is inferior and
should be amended with sufficient user instructions, including examples
of deriving from classes that implement interfaces, using signals in
GObject, etc.

test-libglade.c IS the user manual, sure there may be some other
scribblings in html, findable in arbitrary places on the internet, 
even also provided with libglade, but test-libglade.c as far as I know
is the best reference manual for libglade itself, its readily available
in ascii format and distributed with libglade, what more can you ask
for ?

If the manual were in latex or something else, would you simply
ignore it because it wasnt in your favorite format ?


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