Re: libglade frustration

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 01:28:23PM -0800, Rick Jones wrote:

Well, I didn't go tearing-down the engine and transmission in my car, 
but I still learned how to drive it :)

If your have no idea why the car does what it does when you
turn the steering wheel or change gear, I just hope you live
in a very distant part of the world and will stay there.

The difference between driving a car (or using a compiler or
linker) and programming with a library such a Gtk+ is that
most of Gtk+ library code is no different from Gtk+
application code.  You can directly apply what you see
there.  Whereas in the former case you still need a good
mental model, but studying the implementation -- which is on
a different level -- might not be useful directly.



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