Re: libglade frustration

David NeÄas (Yeti) wrote:
On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 02:03:29PM -0700, Michael Torrie wrote:

In any event, if a user wants to develop with
libglade, he'd need to install the rpms or debs or whatever.  Most users
aren't going to be using the raw tarballs.

Install it and use it are two very different things.

Sure, one installs the library from rpms, debs, ports, ...
But programming with a library without looking at its source
code?  If one is legally permitted to, who would throw away
such a source of examples (whether they are dedicated
examples or not), a style guide, ..., and above all the
ultimate reference?

So I would expect most people to get the source code

I may not be typical, but in my use of glib etc thusfar for netperf I've not had any desire to install source unless I was compileing somewhere were I didnt' already have a binary/library. I'm not really interested in how library call foo is implemented, I just want to know how to call it do get my work done.

rick jones

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