Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

Ubuntu packages of libgsf are available at
and should be accessible through your dpkg/apt frontend of choice.

> Or maybe you could just make a big .deb package for Gnumeric as a wholte,
> not just libgsf ?



Thanks Ray.

I don't know how to configure Synaptic to use this ftp site. I tried but obviously failed.
So I just started gFTP (a ftp client) to download gnumeric, and gnumeric-common packages. but when I try to install the main gnumeric package (dpkg -i ) it says that gnumeric-common must be installed first. But then when I try to install the 'common' package, it tells me that it needs the main package first !!! I don't see any solution to that ! :-/
Also, it required many dependencies, like libgtk2.0.  And with this dependency, I get the same problem. That is, libgtk won't install without libgtk-common installed first, and vice versa !!!

----> I am lost ! :o(

I guess if I could get synaptic to use this repository itself, it would sort everything out automatically. I will try to ask on the Ubuntu mailing-list.


Vince, keeping the faith...even if it's hard sometimes ! :-/

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