Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

And they didn't (at least, I didn't for the Debian packages; Vincent uses
synaptic, so he's probably on Debian or a Debian-based system).

Yes, I use "Ubuntu", that's a new Gnome focused Debian-based distro.

 Vincent's original message clearly states he removed the older packaged version himself.

Yes, I did that, because recently when I tried to compile the latest CVS
version, I got an error from 'configure' saying I was using libgsf 1.9
eventhough I had obviously just installed 1.10
So I imagined (being a total Linux newbie), that this time, if I removed
1.9 first, then putting 1.10, then running 'configure', it would have no
choice but see that I DO have 1.10 installed. That's the only reason why
I ventured into removing the previous version of libgsf...


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