Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

It just did it again !!

I just compiled the sources of libgsf 1.10, and it installed properly. I
used the "checkinstall" command in lieu of 'make install' so that
Synaptic can manage the package. Indeed, when I start Synpatic, I can
now see both libgsf 1.9 which was installed with the system, and also
version 1.10 that I just compiled. 

So, I then moved on to compile Gnumeric, but the 'configure' still keeps
saying that I have version 1.9 and that he needs 1.10 !

How do you people manage to go past this step then ?? Please
heeeeeeelp... :0(


Vince, dying to test 1.4.0.....

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