Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Connection Problem

Le jeu 19/12/2002 à 11:52, adrian golumbovici t-online de a écrit :
> Thx. That might prove usefull as my friend tends to lose his patience
> prety quick when we test and gives up. So I cannot test all the
> possible things. :)
> I will contact you as soon as he gives up testing again. :)
> And BTW I don't have ICQ.

I think that even if your friend doesn't loose his patience, it is a
very good test that you have to do because it will permit to determine
if :
- the problem is on your side (it doesn't work with Joao either)
- the problem is on his side (it does work with Joao)

Don't be shy ;)
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