Re: Gnome Web Plone Sprint

Murray Cumming schrieb:
On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 18:48 -0700, Jonathan Wilde wrote:

and it's in the Collective.

I assume that's your name for your svn. is the unrestricted repository for of the plone community.

I did
  We also found an additional
person (csenger) to help work on the project.  I believe that csenger
is working on creating a more up-to-date task list for the theme so
that others can get involved easily.

That sounds sensible. Thanks.

The buildout does now seem to work, following these instructions
(please tell us if something is wrong there)

However, I can't see any of our old content via the resulting Plone
system, though I did put that Data.fs in place. Should I have seen some

One of the Data.fs (I think the one from your webspace) contains a wgo2-site. But it's not usable out of the box. There are some install-instructions on how to setup a user and fix a problem with portal_groups.

I have extracted the content from the Data.fs and write a migration-script after I set up an empty testsite with the theme tomorrow and going over the task list.


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