Re: [wgo] Skin work

On 11/10/06, Lee Tambiah <l_tambiah linuxmail org> wrote:

* The GNOME logo needs to fill the General Nav bar to the primary nav bar. A nice large foot! Emphasis GNOME.

But there's a problem with doing that.
(Sorry, I mailed the marketing list about this -- which is the right one? I don't know.)

We want the General Nav Bar to appear on all gnome sites. That means it must be able to slot above whatever design they have -- and there is a fair amount of variance.
We want the General Nav Bar to have a link back to, and that link will be the GNOME logo.

If the large GNOME logo is that link back to, then there is a problem, as it's not a part of the General Nav Bar.

(PS. It's still me by the way. I'm trying this mailing list on google mail to see if it makes following it any easier.)

PS. I actually like the Search and Language selectors separate. Makes them more visible.

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