Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

About PPA:
OS distributions have central packages repository; PPA are useful as
third-party packages and alternatives.

PPAs makes easier to people for publishing software without some of the
difficulties there are in central repositories. This "main and secondary
places" allows projects to publish more updated packages than
distribution (central) provides itself.

El 16/05/15 a les 09:27, Florian Pelz ha escrit:
On 05/16/2015 08:33 AM, Narcis Garcia wrote:> El 16/05/15 a les 07:51,
Florian Pelz ha escrit:
On 05/15/2015 09:07 AM, Narcis Garcia wrote:
How does Mozilla solve the third-party development of extensions to
manage the addition and updates in ?

Is it really necessary to be a single website (the official) with the
only extensions repository? Similar to app.packages, how about the PPA
model apart of main/supported repositories?


I was suggesting both cases to give ideas around the problem of checking
all extensions and updates in

Mozilla apparently has an add-on approval process where they check the
source code [1]. The way I understand it, they also have two categories
of add-ons; one reviewed and tested more cautiously and another category
where they just glance over the source code, but the browser will
display a warning when installing.

I don't see how PPAs solve the extension review problem. From a security
standpoint, users should not be encouraged to install third-party
software that has not been reviewed. Extensions seem to be an easy way
to spread malware if unreviewed. Besides, having a central extension
repository helps making extensions known.


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