Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

Ok, but I suspect the problem is different: currently, the gnome shell extensions, as they use monkey patching, must be manually revised, and, as I understand it, that developer said that HE was tired of checking code written by other people just to ensure that it didn't do something nasty. But probably, if someone accepts to do that job, the site could be revived.

Of course, this is still a problem and it should be fixed in next revisions, by offering a stable and secure API that allows to create extensions without needing to touch in every part of gnome.

No, that was the message from the lead maintainer and developer of GS, who actually decides what is important for GS, and who, BTW, created the site He also never reviewed extensions himself, unless for very early versions. So that was a message from the GS team, not from someone who got tired of reviewing extensions. And, by the way, one of the emails asking if they need help with reviewing extensions, I sent to him.

And about API, well... people keep asking about it since version 3.0. Of course, the absence of API contributes most to the difficulty of maintaining of extensions.


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