Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

I would be more than happy to hand off maintenance of the extensions website to somebody else, get them off the ground with the code, and answer any questions about the system. I, personally, do not want to contribute to extensions infrastructure any more. I would be more than happy to explain my reasons.

On May 14, 2015 5:39 PM, "Vadim" <vadim dbfin com> wrote:

I did not intend to imply anything about others of the team. And I might have forgotten what his role was officially named. Regardless,

the truth is that regarding extensions, he was the only de facto responsible and responsive on that matter. And as far as I know, the website was developed and maintained by him as well.

He is also a significant part of the team, as you confirmed, and the only part of the team in connection to the extensions and website. He was (and is?) also a decisive part in that process, at least in most questions. So, yes, when he says something like that, it means something. It is not the words of someone random, who got just tired of reviewing extensions, as was implied in another email. He actually did not review them at the time.

And given that, as I said, by the time I had already tried numerous times to help with extensions as much I could, and had not get any reply from anyone, I interpreted and keep interpreting his words as a tendency existed at least one year ago.

So my words should be interpreted this way, not as to diminish the role of value of others of the GS team, especially with respect to other sides of the software. That being said, mentioning his other contributions is irrelevant, as I never said anything bad personally, or regarding someone's contributions, or regarding the GS itself. And I know more about his contributions than you might assume. But we talk specifically about extension development here.

Again, I have not seen any developments regarding extensions, API or website in the past year or so (not because there are no, but because I just did not use GS). So, I just hope that it is moving somewhere now. Who knows, I might one day get back to GS, when I get tired of something else.


On 05/14/2015 07:13 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 6:55 PM, Vadim <vadim dbfin com> wrote:
No, that was the message from the lead maintainer and developer of GS, who
actually decides what is important for GS, and who, BTW, created the site He also never reviewed extensions himself, unless for
very early versions. So that was a message from the GS team, not from
someone who got tired of reviewing extensions. And, by the way, one of the
emails asking if they need help with reviewing extensions, I sent to him.
That was a message from Jasper, who's contributions to gnome-shell are
hard to overlook and are very valuable. But he is not the lead
maintainer of gnome-shell, nor does he speak for the gnome-shell
development team. People (myself included) will say many things, and
we all have our own opinions.

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