Re: We want task bar back. Pretty please.

On 05/22/2011 10:23 AM, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 06:27, Tim Murphy<tnmurphy gmail com>  wrote:
It's extremely difficult to discuss anything if you think things "are the
user's fault" in user interfaces.
To make it absolutely crystal clear; you haven't been speaking to
anyone who represents GNOME in any way. The signal-to-noise ratio on
this list has gotten so bad that actual GNOME contributors have
largely stopped reading it. Owen asked this thread to stop for
precisely this reason. And yet here we are several days later...
I hoped that it stopped a long time ago; this thread it just going in circles, as I said. Person A comes in and complains GNOME is unusable, Person B that may or may not represent GNOME (as I don't, to be honest) comes in and says suggestions and clarifies the design, and then Person A says, in general, "no, the desktop should be like X", and then Person B (and/or C, another person trying to help) asks why and says that the current setup should work fine, and it keeps going on and on like that.

Anyways, to clarify "the user's fault" thing (I did not mean to sound rude): lets say you had someone who asked a major car manufacturer why their cars didn't have pedals like a bike. They say, "This is a completely different design; it was designed so you do not need pedals to move forward". The user of the vehicle doesn't try to get used to the whole accelerator/brake combo found in cars today, and complains about how their vehicles are "unusable" and "restricting" by only allowing this setup. Likewise, I find that the window list is completely unnecessary; if you still use the mouse a lot, you can just flick your mouse to the corner and click the window you wish.

That said, as Jason mentioned, I do not represent GNOME. I just really want this thread to die because we get these same threads so often that go around in circles about the same issues that were discussed at length a long time ago (and many times recently as well).

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