Re: We want task bar back. Pretty please.

He also said he ran KDE at home and was happy with that.  

Here's a solution to your problem.  yum install @kde-desktop

People really can help make change if they want to be beneficial.  Creating extensions / patches is not magic or asking too much.  If you really feel so passionately about the problems, you can help!  

And I agree on the twisting people's replies to be insulting.

Want to help?  If so, great!  We'll be rooting for you.  Otherwise, if you just bring negativity and poison to hopeful people, you just need to leave.  

The people who put hours/weeks/years of their lives into open and free software to possibly make my and others lives more enjoyable deserve a lot of credit.  People like this inspire me and get me out of a rut. Your definition of acceptable is unacceptable.  What do people get rewarded with for your acceptance?  Silence?  

I really wished we could remove these flame threads, because they put me in a bad mood.  Most of us are busy people who are willing to help and/or give positive feedback.  The only thing I'm glad for is that these threads are archived on the internet and when I do an internet search on the people who apply for a job with me, I will find this kind of stuff and know that person will be poison to my team and move on.  

Justin Edwards
Telelanguage Inc
Network Manager

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Ryan Peters <sloshy45 sbcglobal net> wrote:
> On 05/06/2011 11:16 AM, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
>> On my previous installation - Fedora 13 - it was Gnome 2.
>> I just installed Fedora 15 and it uses Gnome 3. Oops.
>> Having suddenly to learn a new UI is not what I planned to do this
>> weekend. I have some other work to do.
> If you don't want to learn a new UI, *do not upgrade*! This should be obvious. It should be even more obvious that Fedora 15 *isn't even released as stable yet*. If you have "better things to do than learn a new UI", why on Earth did you switch and somehow expect it to be exactly the same as before?
>> What should I do if I find some changes to be regressions
>> (from my POV, of course)? I thought I need to let developers know
>> what users (in this case, me) think. How else would they know?
>> Your suggestion seems to be "to shut up, or write an alternative".
>> Nice.
> Our suggestion is to *learn how to use the interface* and to stop insulting the developers and designers. If you change to a new version of a desktop environment which has a new design, you should *not*, under any circumstances, expect it to be the same as previous versions. If you have work to do, do it in a stable, familiar environment instead of fiddling around with GNOME 3. Do that when you have time to learn how to use it, please, instead of begging us to reverse a good portion of the design work.
>> Of course you are entitled to choose how to treat your users.
>> Consider, though, that users will take only certain amount of abuse
>> before they leave.
> *ahem*:
>  1. You twist everything we say and make it sound like we're insulting
>     you, when it's clearly the other way around.
>  2. You say things are regressions, even after we make substantial
>     effort to prove to you that they are not, in fact, regressions.
>     Some things might be regressions, like your example where you
>     launch four applications, but that can also be sped up by pressing
>     the windows key instead of using the hot corner.
>  3. Some of what you do consider regressions are some of the most
>     trivial things possible. Where "favorites" can be located, moving
>     those dialogs that don't even need to be moved, and the existence
>     of a permanent window list are so easily overcome as long as you
>     approach GNOME 3 with an open mind.
>  4. You somehow think that we're treating you badly by not changing
>     things back to the way they were. What you call "abuse", everyone
>     else on this mailing list calls "support".
> If you have better things to do than use GNOME 3, don't use it until you can find time to learn it and get used to it. If you can't approach GNOME 3 with an open mind, this mailing list will not hep you. That is something you need to do on your own.
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