Re: We want task bar back. Pretty please.

On Thu, 2011-05-05 at 18:00 -0500, Justin Edwards wrote:
> I've been taskbar free for 4 years.  I use workspaces wisely and would
> never want any taskbar ever again.  People really need to hold their
> tongue if they have something bad to say and had to subscribe to a
> list that many people are on and have talked about issues for years.
> If you don't like it, don't use it.  Stop being counter productive to
> the group.  If you want to be helpful, team up with some other non
> happy people and make an extension.
> Gnome 2 to 3 is a major change.

Yes, it is. And now it starts to reach the majority of Gnome users,
through distribution upgrades.

That's why I'm here. I'm not a Gnome fan or developer, as many of you
probably are. I am merely a Fedora user. I used Gnome only because
it is a default UI in Fedora. My home computer still runs ancient
version of KDE 3.

On my previous installation - Fedora 13 - it was Gnome 2.
I just installed Fedora 15 and it uses Gnome 3. Oops.

Having suddenly to learn a new UI is not what I planned to do this
weekend. I have some other work to do.

What should I do if I find some changes to be regressions
(from my POV, of course)? I thought I need to let developers know
what users (in this case, me) think. How else would they know?

Your suggestion seems to be "to shut up, or write an alternative".

Of course you are entitled to choose how to treat your users.
Consider, though, that users will take only certain amount of abuse
before they leave.


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