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2011/6/20 Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>
On Mon, 2011-06-20 at 15:17 +0100, Simon Booth wrote:
> >Client walks into your office whilst you have confidential information
> >relating to another client on screen?
> > Why is moving to an empty workspace not an option?
> That simply had not occurred to me!  It is a bit of a mindset change
> from "hide the window I'm working on" to "hide my desktop entirely" but
> it certainly works (although I find a bit cumbersome by mouse alone).

If the window is focused just Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Down to the always existing
empty workspace.

Very easy. why I never know this so simple and intuitive interface. (Shitf-Ctrl-Alt-Down)
Very easy for who have liabilities. Or how need to use use one hand while hold mobile.
GUI - Graphics User Interface.

now, Gnome and Unity, become KWUI, Keyboard Windows user Interface.

OH! Lord, I am returning to MSDOS era. Whem, all users need to learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts,
to use a text editor. Was very nice, WordStar, MS Word, Word Perfect, Word ...., all with diferrent keyboard shortcuts.

Now, instead the icons and symbols, that any child could understand/learn easy. We remove all visual simplicity,
to super super clean (so clean, that you got no visual information) visual with polluted effects to distract and delay you and many ubscure keyboard shotcuts to help you manage your desktop..

Long Life PseudoGUI MsDOS era.

I am backing to 80, in that time, we use PF1 .. PF10 functions everywhere, which has the advantage that you need just one finger!.


> Worth noting that it doesn't fit the hide-from-boss criteria as you are
> left with a blank workspace ;-)

I thought we were talking about an application that you don't really
want to watch cluttering the workspace?  If the workspace is cluttered
there clearly must be other windows.

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