Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

On 20/06/11 13:47, David Prieto wrote:
> In reply to Julien and Simon,
> in some cases, having a minimize button DOES hurt some people.
>     A window that is part of the current task, but not needed for a period
>     of time yet you do not wish to lose your place?  Leave it cluttering the
>     desktop, move to another desktop, or minimize?
> Why is just leaving it in the background not an option?

Many (most?) times it is an option, but just occasionally it has
flashing graphics, or white text on black background, or it simply
annoys you.  I'm not trying to stretch credibility too far, just
pointing out that you can either leave it in the stack or move it to
another workspace (which kind of breaks the workspace per task idea) but
not just "hide" it on the current workspace.

>     Client walks into your office whilst you have confidential information
>     relating to another client on screen?
> Why is moving to an empty workspace not an option?

That simply had not occurred to me!  It is a bit of a mindset change
from "hide the window I'm working on" to "hide my desktop entirely" but
it certainly works (although I find a bit cumbersome by mouse alone).
Worth noting that it doesn't fit the hide-from-boss criteria as you are
left with a blank workspace ;-)

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