Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

>         But I still think that minimization should be kept because I'm
>         100% sure that at least some applications will never evolve
>         the way we expect them to (split into a daemon and a UI), or
>         it might take years.
> They certainly never will if minimization is around. If it isn't,
> though... optimization will find a way :-D

You have a point here.

>         Err.. no. I was talking about GNOME 3 here :)
> Well, I was talking about Gnome 2. About how minimization used to give
> my mom hell, and how after minimizing she would press the launcher
> again, expecting to get her previous window back.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. My point was that, with GNOME 3, the
problems your mother was having have been solved, and minimization now
works way better, paradoxally.

>         Absolutely not. I would do it for Banshee, Rhythmbox,
>         Transmission, Evolution and Empathy.
> That's funny, because Firefox was precisely the app she had trouble
> with. Basically because it was the one she always used.
> Your solution would therefore do nothing to improve the situation for
> her. Rather than hand-picking the particular apps we want to correct,
> I think it's better to use a system where no application at all will
> cause those problems.

Exactly: your mother was using minimization for things that don't really
need minimization. And, in this case, I fully recommand not to use
minimization. But for the apps I mention, minimization does make sense,
and though a better solution might be found, allowing those apps (and
only them) to use minimization (the way I described it before) would fix
it for me.

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