Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell


I think it is really bad approach - to remove features without deprecation period.

I think we are in the deprecation period now - that's precisely the reason why we can still minimize through the button.
If new workflow is really as good as designers try to convince us, people will use it and will abandon minimizing.

Really? Even when we've mentioned cases in this thread, where users would insist on doing stuff following methods that were obviously worse for them?

People will do what they're used to doing, better or worse.
And if they won't, then the design is probably wrong. It is OK to encourage users to use new workflow by disabling minimize by default

That kinda goes against your previous point...
but removing it completely, especially when proper solution is not even ready yet, is IMHO totally wrong.

Agreed. We should encourage developers to implement proper solutions, then. As soon as possible.

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