Re: small screens and large config dialogs

On 11 Dec 2011, at 15:56, Bjoern Schiessle <bjoern schiessle org> wrote:

> Therefore I think the problem has to be addressed on the desktop/window
> manager level. Like an application window a dialog should be never
> larger than the screen. If I think about it, maybe it even has to be
> addressed on the toolkit level so that the dialog automatically add
> scrollbars if the content didn't fit on the screen (similar to a text
> view widget).

In Meego we put the evolution settings dialog inside a scrolled window because otherwise it often doesn't fit, and it really, really sucks.

Unless you can say for sure that all your users have huge screens, apps should check that they fit in 600px and it's a bug if they don't.


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