Re: GNOME Development setup

Best place to start is in the gnome-love mailing list.  You'll need to setup 'jhbuild' (search for jhbuild and gnome, you'll get the link) and it will tell you how to get started.

There isn't a lot of documentation on extension development, you'll have to ask developers on #gnom-shell, look at other extensions, or look at source code. 

IDE - people have known to use vim, emacs, gedit, and anjuta, and I suppse eclipse as well.

Hope that helps!


On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 6:22 AM, David Collins <davidcollins4481 gmail com> wrote:

Hey all! I am just getting into GNOME development and am curious about the tools/setup others use for developing code in GNOME (extensions,applications,etc.).


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