Re: small screens and large config dialogs

On 11/12/11 15:50, Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
> Le dimanche 11 décembre 2011 à 14:15 +0000, Ross Burton a écrit :
>> That isn't going to help when the size possible is larger than the
>> screen, ie evolution preferences doesn't fit in 600px.
> Moving the window by hand is hardly a good workaround for users. The
> dialog should fit on the screen.

It's a workaround in the sense that it allows you to edit your
preferences now. But i fully agree that a dialog should always fit on
the screen.

> I think there's work going on to make that dialog smaller. For example:
> Same for the Thunderbird dialog: bugs should be filed.

I don't think that this problem can be addressed by the individual
applications. No matter how small the dialog is you never know if it
will fit on every screen from a workstation to a tablet.

Therefore I think the problem has to be addressed on the desktop/window
manager level. Like an application window a dialog should be never
larger than the screen. If I think about it, maybe it even has to be
addressed on the toolkit level so that the dialog automatically add
scrollbars if the content didn't fit on the screen (similar to a text
view widget).


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